Music Together Big Kids® Classes in Cottonwood Heights

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Ready for the next level of fun? Our Music Together Big Kids® Classes include music and movement activities appropriate for your kids ages five to seven. (We’ll consider 8-year-olds on a case-by-case basis!)

We know that “big kids” thrive in a structured environment but still like to get silly. These 60-minute classes combine the elements of Music Together®® classes that parents and children love with activities designed to take your child to the next level of music literacy. New challenges include solfège (sight-singing), solos and ensembles, folk dances, harmony singing, vocal development, and drumming. In a safe, fun environment, your child can experiment with new activities like conducting and improvisation, story songs, and game songs.




  • Classes are 60 minutes long, and each session lasts 10 weeks.
  • Parent attendance is welcome but not required.
  • Each semester is based on on songs from our family classes - yet Big Kids receives a Big Kids songbook, CD, solfège cards, and HomePlay activities, so the learning can continue at home!
  • Children are encouraged to participate in all three, ten-week sessions during the year since the curriculum is cumulative.


“The Big Kids class offered a natural extension of my daughter's Music Together experience. My daughter's confidence grew as a musician and also parlayed into an increased willingness to raise her hand and stand out in school. Here at home, we notice that [she] would just as soon play an old Music Together CD and dance around as turn on the TV.” —R. Douvos, Music Together parent

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